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Support the Chicago Cubs with Your Personal Checks

Go Cubs! Despite the fact that Hayley's comet has passed by twice since the Cubs last won a World Series, the Chicago Cubs remain one of professional baseball's most popular teams. They have extremely devoted fans that are loyal to the core. If you "bleed Cubbie blue" then you might want to think about purchasing Chicago Cubs Major League Baseball personal checks to show the world your pride in your favorite team.

The Chicago Cubs have carried the name since 1902. They are sometimes referred to as "the boys in blue" or, by devoted fans, simply the "cubbies." Red and blue are the official colors, hence the "bleeding cubbie blue" and the certified Cub mascot is a young bear cub, which has gone through a variety of makeovers over the years.

The Cubs' home field is Wrigley Field. On April 20, 1916, the first National League game was held at Wrigley Field. The Cubs beat the Cincinnati Reds 7-6 in 11 innings at that time. Incidentally, a bear cub was at this game as well.

While other baseball teams were busy installing lights on their field, the Chicago Cubs were actually one of the last do so. Were they out of touch with the times? No, not exactly. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, in 1941 P.K. Wrigley donated the recently purchased lighting equipment to the War Department.

The Chicago Cubs checks feature the team's logo inscribed over a baseball diamond in the team's colors of blue and red. A bright red baseball "seamed" pattern borders these attractive checks. When you carry your new Cubs personal checks, everyone is going to know you're a fan as soon as you take out your checkbook.

If you would like to protect your new Chicago Cubs checks, you might want to consider investing in a matching checkbook cover. In addition, you can find other coordinating accessories such as matching address labels, contact cards, and stickers.

Going to you local bank, sifting through the limited supply of choices available, paying an exorbitant amount of money, and then waiting two weeks for your checks to arrive could be inconvenient at best in the past. Now, however, you can skip all of that and simply order your Cubs checks online.

There are many good, safe websites out there that will allow you to order your personal checks and even save you up to 50% off of what you might have paid at your bank. The good thing about these websites is that in addition to not having to leave your home to purchase them and saving money at the same time, you also have a larger selection of checks to pick from.

When ordering your Cubs checks online, you will need to know your checking account number, as well as your routing number. These will be put directly on your checks. You can expect to receive your checks in the mail in about 5 days.

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